Check out this banter on Gay Marriage and Justice

Here is a quick link to a debate on gay marriage that ends up talking about justice. It is pretty interesting. I mean, as far as these kinds of debates go it is interesting. In the midst of all of the really crap theology (and this is your warning) that is going on, a friend of mine from school, Tom Penna, does a BAM of a job here. I mean seriously, sometimes his equally-sarcastic-and-yet-violent humor come out, but from a argumentation stand point, this is good stuff. Check it out. JC

One thought on “Check out this banter on Gay Marriage and Justice

  1. Josh,
    I’m amazed at how internet vitriol like this can reveal the deepest parts of peoples’ psyches (like people are just waiting for a safe platform from which to spew their rage). Nowhere else do I see such flagrant disregard for civility than on the message boards of our common news and entertainment sites, and I’ll admit to being skeptical in the past to the efficaciousness of the strange, new “anonymous” communication that occurs there. Anyway, I’m not sure what I want to say, except that your enthusiasm for exploring/encouraging it at least causes me to resolve to give it a chance. When I read things like this, though, even when Tom speaks with such erudition (David spends time engaging people like this online too sometimes), it makes me question whether even contributing to the proliferation of this kind of space is something worthwhile (especially if it comes at the expense of more generous places to speak). Maybe I’m a bit naive and the fact is that people are now talking who just wouldn’t have before and my vision of “old” media/spaces is a faulted one in that those media/spaces were limited in that they didn’t bring these kinds of people together. My suspicion though is that I meet people like this guy out in the non-virtual world who would never speak with such lack of compassion. I mean to admit their most prejudicial feelings like this in the non-virtual world you have to drag it out of them (YTI anyone?). What do you think?

    Your friend,

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