‘Art’: Check this Out

Here is link to a poem/piece by my friend Nuno entitled ‘Art’. Pretty good stuff. Enjoy. JC Tweet Send to Facebook

Trying with the phone

Sorry about this, bit I’m testing my ability to post with the phone. To see if I like it or not. JC Tweet Send to Facebook

Environmental Assassinations: Do we care?

Here is a link to an article about another death of a protester. Not just any kind of protester, but one who has been protesting for environmental reasons. Increasingly the violence against those that are attempting to hold accountable those who are exploiting the earth is on the rise. Should we care? Or should profitability […]

Returning from the Brink

Well here we go again. Another return from another season of focus and study and hilarity. Yes, as you may well have noticed, things have been rather quiet here on the blog over the last month or so but, all of that is about to change. Before I set about saying what is to come, […]