Returning from the Brink

Well here we go again. Another return from another season of focus and study and hilarity. Yes, as you may well have noticed, things have been rather quiet here on the blog over the last month or so but, all of that is about to change.

Before I set about saying what is to come, let me first say three things. First, my absence of blog posts has not had anything to do with the Tiger Woods scandal. While I may give my two-cents on the matter soon, I am not nearly as crushed over the matter as many expect me to be. Second, I will not use the next few posts to gloat over Alabama’s rise to contention for the national championship (even if it is merited). And finally, third, even though the blogging has been on the decline in recent days, my writing and podcasting has been on the incline. It is the bridging of these three aspects of a journey (blogging, writing, and podcasting) that I hope to do better in 2010.

And now, with out further ado, lets get back to blogging!