Zizek for the Weekend

“What is the Absolute? Something that appears to us in fleeting experiences–say, through the gentle smile of a beautiful woman, or even through the warm caring smile of a person who may otherwise seem ugly and rude. In such miraculous but extremely fragile moments, another dimension transpires through our reality. As such, the Absolute is […]

Dr. Tom Long on Death

Dr. Thomas Long is one of my professors at Candler. He’s a great teacher, preacher, speaker, and thinker. His newest book (Accompany Them with Singing: The Christian Funeral) however isn’t on any of those things. No, this one is on quite the opposite: death. I’ll be doing a review (and hopefully a podcast) with him […]

Awesome Christmas Billboard!

Check out this link to a billboard that was up in Auckland. If you are not sure you want to, let’s just say it read, “Poor Joseph, God was a hard act to follow.” Hilarious! JC Tweet Send to Facebook

Zizek Quote for Weekend Reflection

“We are thus simultaneously less free and more free than we think: we are thoroughly passive determined by and dependant on the past, but we have the freedom to define the scope of this determination, that is, to (over)determine the past which will determine us.” Zizek from In Defense of Lost Causes Tweet Send to […]