Is it easy being green?

The Center for American Progress has created a space to discuss the simplicity of being green. You can check out all the articles here.

How about you? Do you find choosing to be green important? Necessary? Something that you have to make an extra effort at doing? What are some of your tips or thoughts on seeking to be green for the new year?

Just wondering. I’ll share some of mine soon!


One thought on “Is it easy being green?

  1. Being green is an interesting concept. All this talk about green cars is funny to me because even electric cars need to get electricity which comes from some plant which is not necessarily green. The most green thing for us to do is to walk more places and lose some of that obesity that America is famous for. I don’t think that American ingenuity can solve the problem of carbon emissions, only American common sense can do that. And the common sense says start walking and stop driving so often.

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