MLK Day and My Hopes for Haiti

Here are links to other MLK Days when I have posted.

Today, rather than reflect too much on MLK, or the dreams that remain to be completed for civil rights in America, I’d much rather just share a couple of hopes that I have for the people and situation in Haiti. Honestly, its too tragic not too, and frankly, I believe if he were still alive, its what he would be talking about as well!

1. A Hope for Sustainability: I hope that when the cameras turn off in Haiti, those who find giving time and money now will be inspired to stay the course. I sincerely hope that in the efforts to participate in the rebuilding, the people of the country have the first and last words and that the 384,000+ orphans (before the earthquake) will have what they need for survival!

2. A Hope for Unity: I hope that any looting, rioting, violence and anger will be squelched by the increase of compassionate aid and support. I hope that those who are tasked with enforcing the laws in a time of genuine lawlessness will be safe and not quick to anger. I hope supplies increase and with it unity as well.

3. A Hope for Life: I hope that tonight, those who no longer have the strength to fight for life, will pass peacefully, from darkness into light. I hope that those who remain able to fight for life, will endure and seek the light of morning.

I’m sure everyone has seen these links already, but here are a few ways to give:

Singer Wyclef Jean’s Earthquake fund is donating money and sending volunteers. Visit to donate money or text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 from your cell phone bill.

Doctors Without Borders
Give a one-time online donation to help provide medical care, or enroll in their monthly giving program to provide sustained support for worldwide crises.

With children as their priority, UNICEF is requesting donations to meet the immediate needs of Haitian youth. Contact them at 1-800-4UNICEF or

Red Cross
Text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti to be taken out of your cell phone bill. Proceeds will go to providing food, water, temporary shelter, medical services and emotional support.

On a day to remember an icon of hope, may the hopes we all share endure, grow, and give life to others.