New Intro, Old Podcast with Kiva founder

Here’s a link to remixed podcast between Josh Brown and Kiva founder from back in 2007. Nick and I do a new intro for it which is pretty hilarious (as usual).

Old notes about it:

“IT WAS BOUND to happen. The Nick & Josh Podcast scooped the Almighty. Oprah that is. Last Tuesday I recorded a podcast with one of the co-founders of Kiva. And Friday they went into Oprah’s studio to record Tuesday’s Oprah television show. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they mentioned just how cool The Nick & Josh Podcast was/is.

But besides scooping Oprah, we had a great conversation with Jessica Jackley Flannery of Kiva (co-founder with her husband Matt). If you’re not familiar with Kiva . . . this is a great chance to get to know them and what they’re about. And if you’re already a fan and partner . . . then you can hear Jessica talk about a variety of things including social networking in giving, flattened relational models, the power of women in power, and Kiva’s leveraging of their relationships with big business Silicon Valley giants for their role in micro-loans.

Unfortunately, Nick couldn’t make this podcast and as usually is the case when I fly solo, I struggle to sound coherent and intelligent. He is truly worthy to be Wayne while I am nothing but Garth. But despite my suck-i-ness in “interviewing” . . . I did get to talk to somebody whose going to talk to Oprah . . . and that’s got to count for something right?”

Check it out and enjoy if you never heard the podcast or of Kiva!


[Download Episode]