New Podcast: Kimberly Knight , Church in Second Life

This week, Nick and I have a chat with Kimberly Knight.

Kimberly Knight is a pastor of a congregation in Second Life, an online avatar driven community.

This conversation stemmed from some buzzing discussion about what is church and what is virtual church.

Zach Lind and Nick did a rantcast about it a few months back and then some discussion flowed out of that. I think that podcast was started by an article on Out of Ur. All of that to say it was a busy conversation and here is some follow up with a practitioner.

Check out Kimberly’s personal blog here and the Second Life communities site here

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One thought on “New Podcast: Kimberly Knight , Church in Second Life

  1. It should also be noted what Kimberly said over at the #njp website with reference to the intro for this thing:

    “Hi guys,

    Thanks for the great opportunity to chat with you both – I really had a great time.

    Just one note for listeners, I’ve never referred to myself as a priestess. I am simply called pastor by the folks in our congregation and that is a better title for me if I even accept a title since I tend to eschew such things as I am a bit of an anti-authoritarian 🙂 and definitely post-denominational.

    Love ya Nick and Josh!



    Here’s to wondering!

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