New Podcast with Dwight Friesen on Theology After Google and ‘Thy Kingdom Connected’

In this interview I interview Dwight Friesen about his book Thy Kingdom Connected and Theology After Google (Claremont 2010). We met in an airport after the conference and chatted it up. Dwight is a teacher practical theology at Mars Hill Graduate School, is active with Emergent Village, a social network of missional Christians around the […]

New Podcast: Brian McLaren on A New Kind of Christianity

This week we have Brian Mclaren back on for a record breaking 4th interview, which means we have interviewed him more than CNN. Nick does a great job with the interview, especially since I couldn’t be on the line as I was out at Theology after Google’s Claremont Gathering (#tag10). Also, and in case you missed […]

Lynn Hopkins: Choosing Sides

Here is another post by guest blogger Lynn Hopkins. Enjoy! The Unitarian Universalist Association has a program about standing up in the struggle for justice, for the inherent worth and dignity of all persons, called “Standing on the Side of Love.” Though I am aligned with its aims, I struggle with the title. Joshua’s recent […]

A Rant of Sorts: Grappling with Religious Belief, Belonging, Exclusion and Community

Recently I’ve been having some pretty fascinating conversations about what it means to belong to community. In fact, just this week I sat in room full of colleagues and debated whether or not someone needed to become a member of a local church in order to be considered a full participant. The whole conversation left […]