New Podcast with Dwight Friesen on Theology After Google and ‘Thy Kingdom Connected’

In this interview I interview Dwight Friesen about his book Thy Kingdom Connected and Theology After Google (Claremont 2010). We met in an airport after the conference and chatted it up.

Dwight is a teacher practical theology at Mars Hill Graduate School, is active with Emergent Village, a social network of missional Christians around the world ( and is also an author, professional speaker and facilitator of learning. Dwight earned a Doctor of Ministry with an emphasis in Leadership in an Emerging Culture at George Fox University under the mentorship of Leonard Sweet, with Kent Yinger as my dissertation adviser. His dissertation explored a relational hermeneutic toward connective church structures and leadership.

Also, here is a link to my blog post on Health Care Reform.

Stay tuned later in the week for a dramatic reading of Rick Bennett’s Imagined Oscar Roundtable including the voices of Tony Jones, Philip Clayton, Josh Case, Chad Crawford, and others!!!

Enjoy the podcast!

[Direct Link to ep 144 – Dwight Friesen, Thy Kingdom Connected]