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The Hopeful Skeptic Interviewed

Nick is getting more and more press for his book. Check out the most recent set of interviews by Jason Boyett. Good stuff. JC Send to Facebook

Podcasting and Soul-Selling

Here is a link to our most recent podcast. In it, we have a podcast with Evan Drake Howard who talks about his new book The Galilean Secret. He has an essay on Washington Post On Faith today about the need for a spirituality of hope to undergird a politics of hope, here is the [...]


Hanging out with friends and listening to music is a wonderful thing. Honestly, there is something that happens especially when you listen to people living into thier passion. And then there is the music, or maybe it is just the muse that inspires and connect and calls people to reflection that is so critical. Reflection [...]

Creation Care Podcast! Oil Spill Thoughts!

In this podcast Josh grabs another round table podcast with the likes of Julie Clawson, Ben Lowe, and Tom Sine. The four of them discuss the (lack of a) Christian response to the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico as well as other issues facing the American Christianity’s move towards more active caring for [...]

Dr. David Pacini: Through Narcissus’ Glass Darkly, A Podcast

In this podcast, Josh grabs an interview with Dr. David Pacini from the Candler School of Theology. Dr. Pacini’s current research focuses on problems in Kantian and post-Kantian philosophy and philosophical theology, especially those of aesthetics and psychology as they evolved in late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century texts that explore the boundaries of theological thinking. [...]

Guest Blogger Iris: Oklahoma’s Free Ride

We have had our attention divided in the news as of late.  Arizona grabbed us first with divisive immigration action that seems more like racial profiling than actual reform.  Then came the oil spill, a catastrophe in itself, 11 lives lost and a huge threat to the livelihoods of fishers and drillers alike.  We watch [...]

Help Wanted!: A Christian Response to the Oil Spill

The other night while watching the show Life I was amazed. There were these ants that would eat these mushrooms and then rush off to die under trees where new mushrooms would sprout from their dead heads. I mean, when it comes to tv, this is serious stuff. So serious in fact, that it seems [...]

South Park, Islam, and Diana Butler Bass

You may have heard quite a bit of the banter about South Park’s handling of Islam. Where, here is an article that Diana Butler Bass wrote. And in case you missed her on the podcast, check this out. Good stuff! JC Send to Facebook

Arch Des on Arizona

Here is a link to a great article by Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the Arizona Immigration bill. Do read it! JC Send to Facebook

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