Podcasting and Soul-Selling

Here is a link to our most recent podcast. In it, we have a podcast with Evan Drake Howard who talks about his new book The Galilean Secret.

He has an essay on Washington Post On Faith today about the need for a spirituality of hope to undergird a politics of hope, here is the link

Nick also drops a bombshell, he is selling his soul back to Jesus, if you buy him an iPad, check it out. And let’s be honest, this is Nick doing what Nick does. He is being skeptical, and yet hopeful!No really all kidding aside. The more I think about the events that have led Nick to suggest re-entering Christendom through the use of a ipad, the more I think he may be on to something. Only time will tell really what that something is, but, it’s worth exploration.

You can pick up a copy of The Galilean Secret here on Amazon.

[Direct link to – ep 153 – Evan Drake Howard and The Galilean Secret]

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