MTS Colloquy

Sitting in an MTS colloquy. Should be a fun semester! JC Sent from my iPhone Tweet Send to Facebook

A new place

So Laura and I are settling in to our new place! Here are a quick few photos. Nevertheless we are settling in nice!! House Urban Garden #1- Strawberries, Basil, Rosemary, Dill Urban Garden#2: okra, winter squash, tomato, collards, zucchini! Joshua Tweet Send to Facebook

Teenage Christianity!

Check out this link. Both Kenda C-D and Beth Corrie? Awesome!! Author: More teens becoming ‘fake’ Christians – #cnn JC Tweet Send to Facebook

Moving day (2 of 3)

Today this Case tribe is moving from one temporary place to another. If all goes well a last and final move will commence next Friday and Saturday. Here is our nomadic wagon loaded and moving with all not in storage. Thanks to Club 240 for being great hosts the last 10 days! Walk on- JC […]

Changes coming soon…real soon!

I’m enjoying the summer. Golfing, reading, writing, and dreaming. Changes they are a coming, including details about my new venture with Troy Bronsink called Church As Art ( More details to come including a new radio show? Hmmmmm.Stay cool…JC Tweet Send to Facebook