The Abuse of Power: Why People of Faith Should Not Text and Drive







Recently it occurred to me: the reason why people text and drive is because they don’t take seriously enough how their technology participates in their personal demonstration of power.

If people of faith understood that both the phone and the car were extensions of themselves, maybe they would see that to text while driving is to abuse the power of their position.

In driving one has already chosen to extend one’s self powerfully in the world. To dare to text while driving is suggest that one’s personal right to the unlimited extension of the self is greater than the responsibility for the other that comes with the use of power (with car).

Yes, as people of faith, to say no to texting while driving is not merely a matter of obeying local laws, but a prophetic statement about how we understand power and how seriously we take our responsibility to the other in our world.



2 thoughts on “The Abuse of Power: Why People of Faith Should Not Text and Drive

  1. Challenging post! I will have to think about this the next time I text & drive (Forgive me, Father, for I have DEFINITELY sinned in this regard…)

  2. MmmmMmmmm good. Tasty McLuhan goodness from down in the GA! Next you’ll be throwing around words like “tetrad.”

    Seriously though, isn’t it interesting to see how things look different when considered as extensions?

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