Surprise Companion 

We all have companions who travel with us. Most of the time, we see them, we experience them, we hear them, we thank them. But sometimes we discover someone new along way and it changes how we see everything – including ourselves. 

Recently on a trip to lunch with the family, this quite impressive mantis peered out from behind the mirror as we were preparing to leave. How had I missed it? How long has it been there? Where was it headed? 

After the sheer amusement of our new companion we proceeded home thinking surely the mantis would release and fly away. Nah, not this one. This companion was here to stay. Along for the ride. Interested in where we were going and willing to endure to arrive with us. 

And arrive we did. Together. 

Nearly a week later while cutting the grass I looked up to watch humming birds swarm and saw perched on the edge of the porch…you guessed it, a mantis. Just big. Just as ominous. Just as devout. It seems while life had gone on for us all, our little companion had remained with us all along. 

I wonder who are the companions we forget? Who are the faithful ones on the journey that deserve even more thanks and recognition? Who, pardon the pun, has been praying for you? 

Enjoy the journey. Companion.