Philip Clayton vs. Academic Theology: The Postman Revisited

Philip Clayton equals Kevin Costner as epic hero. In recent conversations with Philip (listen to podcast here), and with others (see AAR 2009 or HBC podcast), Clayton has really begun to push against academic “ivory tower” theology as being too disconnected from the kind of theology that is really necessary or capable of meeting the […]

Theology After Google: An Event & A Question

On March 10-12 in Claremont, California, there is an event taking place called Theology After Google. I’ll be there. As decribed on the website, “Why ‘theology after Google’?”: “Progressive Christian theologians have some vitally important things to say, things that both the church and society desperately need to hear. The trouble is, we tend to […]

‘Art’: Check this Out

Here is link to a poem/piece by my friend Nuno entitled ‘Art’. Pretty good stuff. Enjoy. JC Tweet Send to Facebook

Epiphany in Poetry

Tom Frank writes, “to grasp what makes a place itself, to name its distinctive qualities, is a task for poetics” (141). In this light, I wrote the following poem as a descriptor of my recent internship experience at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany. #317 Leaves of fire, trees of old, The ground is crackling […]

Experiencing U2 with a FANatic: A Wife’s Perspective

I asked Laura to write a piece for the blog on her experience of her first U2 concert, and here is what she wrote. It’s very sweet. And generous. But it’s also true;) Enjoy: “Tuesday night was my first U2 concert.  Of course Josh’s excitement for the night was contagious and knowing how much my […]

House: A Beautiful Picture of Healing Community

The season premiere of House was a beautiful thing: a portrait of how the process to wholeness includes the most obscure relationships of our lives. A few snapshots: 1. While we think we are normal, it is really only once we have ventured into community that we begin to see how each of our “normals” […]