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A Suitable Tweet?: 2 Kings 9 in Twible

Jana Riess tweets her way through a chapter of the Bible a day. Very fun interesting way to go about it! Today, she tweeted: “#Twible 2 Kgs 9: Alpo Corp. tests new “Jezebel” flavor; wins canine pre-approval in focus group. Lick it up, dogs. Wait, you missed a spot.” What do you think? Suitable tweet [...]

The Hopeful Skeptic Interviewed

Nick is getting more and more press for his book. Check out the most recent set of interviews by Jason Boyett. Good stuff. JC Send to Facebook

Podcasting and Soul-Selling

Here is a link to our most recent podcast. In it, we have a podcast with Evan Drake Howard who talks about his new book The Galilean Secret. He has an essay on Washington Post On Faith today about the need for a spirituality of hope to undergird a politics of hope, here is the [...]

Dr. David Pacini: Through Narcissus’ Glass Darkly, A Podcast

In this podcast, Josh grabs an interview with Dr. David Pacini from the Candler School of Theology. Dr. Pacini’s current research focuses on problems in Kantian and post-Kantian philosophy and philosophical theology, especially those of aesthetics and psychology as they evolved in late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century texts that explore the boundaries of theological thinking. [...]

New Podcast: Tony Jones and Philip Clayton from Atlanta

This week we have Part 1 of a 3 part conversation. It is Tony Jones and Philip Clayton talking theology in Atlanta at a cohort. Here is the video: Thanks to Dan Ra from nextgenerasianchurch.com for recording the conversation. Also be sure to check out the Sustainable Faith conference April 22-24 and purchase a copy [...]

New HUGE Podcast: Bishop John Shelby Spong, Phyllis Tickle, and Brian McLaren

This week we have Brian McLaren, Bishop John Shelby Spong, and Phyllis Tickle talking about Christianity through their lifetime and into the future. It’s an all star cast at an unbelievable price. I’d would encourage you all to check where you can buy your copy of my co-host’s book, The Hopeful Skeptic: Revisiting Christianity from [...]

New Podcast with Dwight Friesen on Theology After Google and ‘Thy Kingdom Connected’

In this interview I interview Dwight Friesen about his book Thy Kingdom Connected and Theology After Google (Claremont 2010). We met in an airport after the conference and chatted it up. Dwight is a teacher practical theology at Mars Hill Graduate School, is active with Emergent Village, a social network of missional Christians around the [...]

Theology After Google: After Thoughts on the Claremont 2010 Gathering

For three days this week, I was with a group of new friend and old friends trying to imagine together how theology in the googley age might emerge. At the end of the day, one if the most powerful aspects of the event was the experience of the settling in on the face to face [...]

Check out this Podcast: Philip Clayton

In this episode, I interviews Philip Clayton about his book Transforming Christian Theology: For Church and Society. We also talk about the upcoming Theology After Google event and Clayton’s then pre-debate with Daniel Dennet. Enjoy! Philip Clayton & Dan Dennet Conversation link. Theology After Google link. [Download Episode] Send to Facebook

Philip Clayton vs. Academic Theology: The Postman Revisited

Philip Clayton equals Kevin Costner as epic hero. In recent conversations with Philip (listen to podcast here), and with others (see AAR 2009 or HBC podcast), Clayton has really begun to push against academic “ivory tower” theology as being too disconnected from the kind of theology that is really necessary or capable of meeting the [...]

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