An End of Summer Detox- Day One

Over the last several months Laura and I have had our fair share of stress, transitions, and new beginnings. It continues to be quite a trip! Yeah, yeah, we’ve managed things, and have even managed to have some time off and away with family. You may remember blogs from the last few months about our […]

Why I Love Beginners!!

There are a few reasons why I love to deep sea fish when there are people who never have on the boat: 1. There is always the option for sea sickness (this year however, both my brothers got sick;)); 2. There is always the opportunity for really silly questions to be asked (for instance: if […]

Living with the Browns and transitioning stories

Laura and I have been and will continue to live the Browns off and on over the next couple of months. While we have already found an apartment, we’ve yet to furnish it. So, the ever so gracious Josh, Anna, Jack, and Bubba (aka Little Bit Brown) are letting us share living space with them. […]

Apple=Community Part 2

So a few weeks back I posted a video about Apple culture. Well now, even more of what we-who-love Apple suspected is proving true according to Josh Brown. Josh recently posted this blog about Apple culture in which he described the sense of relief with retail-that-works-for-good and a memorial service (of sorts) for one of […]

A Beautiful Day

Today was a good, no, a beautiful day. First, we attended Holy Trinity Church Geneva where there was a baptism service. The children were so cute and none of them budged during the service. Furthermore, Micheal French did a great job of describing the purpose and place of rituals and symbols and in our world […]

World AIDS Day 2007

(HT: IUSY) International statistics Last Updated: November 2007 People living with HIV 33.2 million people worldwide 30.8 million adults 15.4 million women 2.5 million children under 15 New HIV cases in 2007 2.5 million total new cases 2.1 million adults 420,000 children under 15 AIDS deaths in 2007 2.1 million total deaths 1.7 million adults […]

Four Years Today

Today Laura and I celebrate four years of marriage together. Unfortunately, she is in Oklahoma, en route to Denver for her brothers wedding, and I am here in Brussels. As we were reflecting together the last couple of weeks on this year and the last several years of our marriage, we’ve made several concrete decisions […]

An Uncle

Early this am, I became an uncle (again). This time, it was my brother’s wife (Selena) who had the baby. Get ready, because this is going to happen a few more times this summer! Not to mention the friends who will name me honorary ‘uncle’…joshing… congrats to us! jc ps. thanks to james for posting […]