Go, Look Among the People

Go, Look Among the People! Christmas Day Sermon 2015 Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church Recently, Gav and I began to play a little Advent game together. A game of hide-and-go-find Jesus. It has become something of a morning routine for us. I stumble down the stairs behind him as he rushes over to cut on the […]


Signs and Symbols

   Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. A hummingbird on the porch. The smell of honeysuckle. A kind glance or a caring hug. Sometimes the signs and symbols of the great reckoning called loved finds us just when we need it. And sometimes, sometimes, that symbol is us.  Tweet Send to Facebook


Signs and Smoke

Sometimes, when the light reflects the rising incense just right, the light presents itself in full. May all our prayers reflect the growing light of God in the world. Tweet Send to Facebook



Life is prayer. Sometimes it’s intentional, other times happenstance. At the very least, we often need prayers to come alive for us, to animate before our very eyes. Prayer is life. May we ever discover how our prayers and lives connect with one another and justice in the world. Tweet Send to Facebook

Transitions: Vital (non)Events

Transitions matter more than most would dare to imagine. Sometimes they matter so much, that the transitions themselves become part of the fabric of the thing. Think about it: what transitions have mattered most for you? What were the habits or intentional practices that made it work. When you tell your story, how do you […]