Detox Day Two

Day two has been interesting. Still mostly just water, with a bit more lemon to aid with the liver cleaning. Yeah, who knew? Also interesting from today, was the hydro therapy. Yeah, sounds fancy? But on the whole it involved getting in the shower and repeating the following process: 3 minutes hot shower 1 minute […]

Visitors, friends, and photos oh my!

Over the next few days our friends Nicholas and Leslie are visiting us from the USA. We met Nicholas and Leslie…well actually, I guess we met them through a few different internet communities we were a part of. Over time, we began ichatting and calling regularly. Now, after having spent New Year’s Eve with them […]

A First BBQ Party

Here is quick photo slideshow of a party we had this weekend. The photos are not representative of all who were there, or all who we wanted to be there. Nevertheless, here are some photos. You can see a few more on Darry’s blog. Tweet Send to Facebook

Shema, BBQ, and a new apartment

Well, today was a great day. Not only did we get to experience the fullness of Shema together this evening with the community who gathered, but i had the opportunity to have my first bbq in my own back yard in several years. Actually, my first back yard since marriage. Actually, my first back yard […]

Stress Management

My wife and I have ventured off onto a new diet. Not that we are really the dieting kind of people, its just that she is on a stress management course and is trying to reduce the stress levels in our lives. So what does it look like? How about this: meat once per day, […]