Ahhh, the Return

So here I come. I’m on my way now to a full and right recovery on the writing, v/blogging and podcasting front. After graduating Candler/Emory and running golf camps full-time all summer, the re-emergence of thought life in this genre is about to happen. In the next few weeks I may recycle some of my […]

My picks for the Masters

The Masters starts tomorrow. It strikes me as odd that this is my first golf post in a while; especially considering how much of my life it actually occupies. My top picks are: Tiger Woods Ernie Els Padrig Harrington Charl Schwartzel I feel pretty good about my picks. How about yours? JC Tweet Send to […]

Returning from the Brink

Well here we go again. Another return from another season of focus and study and hilarity. Yes, as you may well have noticed, things have been rather quiet here on the blog over the last month or so but, all of that is about to change. Before I set about saying what is to come, […]

Ryder Cup 2008: The Year of the Return- FINAL!!!

Well, it’s finished. After nine years, the Ryder cup finally returns to US. While there was a new cast of players, one couldn’t help but still sense the lingering Tiger. Maybe it was the way in which Anthony Kim (who has modeled himself after Woods for year) won. Maybe it was the fierceness in the […]

Ryder Cup 2008: The Year of the Return- Still Holding

Well, the US is still holding its lead. US needs 5 1/2 points to take the cup back. European needs seven points to retain the cup. While I am not 100% sure of Zinger’s strategy, I hope it pays off. It looks like he wants to clinch the tournament before he gets to the later […]

Ryder Cup 2008: The Year of the Return

Today it begins. A little rivalry between the US and the rest of the world in golf called the Ryder Cup. Over the last 6 years, the European team (plus others) has been victorious; however, the peculiar and distinct absence of Tiger Woods this year will give the team a little extra incentive to be […]

From Sunday to Monday- Still, Tiger Wins!

The US Open is the only championship event which has a 18 hole playoff should the event be tied after the fourth round. Of course, by now, you should have seen Tiger hole this put for birdie to force the playoff today: After 18 holes (which he holed another birdie on 18 to force the […]