The Gospel of Augmented Reality: What Pokemon Go and the Jesus Movement Have in Common

It’s here. No, actually, it’s been here. This month Pokémon released it newest version of gaming-meets-community-meets-adventure. Pokemon Go, the newest, trendiest, most-culturally revolutionary game since…well, since who knows..will forever change the landscape of how technology can mediate digital reality, community and life in the real world. Let me put it this way: if Facebook provided […]


Surprise Companion 

   We all have companions who travel with us. Most of the time, we see them, we experience them, we hear them, we thank them. But sometimes we discover someone new along way and it changes how we see everything – including ourselves.  Recently on a trip to lunch with the family, this quite impressive […]


Hanging out with friends and listening to music is a wonderful thing. Honestly, there is something that happens especially when you listen to people living into thier passion. And then there is the music, or maybe it is just the muse that inspires and connect and calls people to reflection that is so critical. Reflection […]

My picks for the Masters

The Masters starts tomorrow. It strikes me as odd that this is my first golf post in a while; especially considering how much of my life it actually occupies. My top picks are: Tiger Woods Ernie Els Padrig Harrington Charl Schwartzel I feel pretty good about my picks. How about yours? JC Tweet Send to […]

Returning from the Brink

Well here we go again. Another return from another season of focus and study and hilarity. Yes, as you may well have noticed, things have been rather quiet here on the blog over the last month or so but, all of that is about to change. Before I set about saying what is to come, […]

Alabama’s Saban makes #6 Traitor

Here is a fun link about traitors in athletics in light of the Farve Packers match-up tonight. Saban makes #6 for leaving LSU and arriving back at Alabama. Whatever, he’s a good coach! JC Tweet Send to Facebook