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Slow Growth is Growth

In a microwave culture everything is presumed to have arrived sooner.

In a insta-culture growth is underrated unless it happens fast.

In a go-go-go paced world the slow work of the Spirit often goes unnoticed.

Slow growth is still growth. Oh that we might curate spaces to celebrate how far we’ve come in those oft unseen places of our inner lives. After all, what good is it for a person to have it all but not herself?

Honor the growth. Talk about it, slowly.

Troy Davis: A Global Day of Solidarity

You may remember me posting about Troy Davis over the last several years. Starting today there are a series of events planned to pray for and request the State of Georgia to grant him clemency.

Here is a link to today’s activities.

Here is a link to my former posts.

Though I have only been aware of and engaged with this case over the last few years, there really is too much doubt.

Pray for Troy, Pray for the State, Pray for Justice.


The Youth Aren’t to Blame!

This article on the NYT is getting loads of press in certain Facebook circles. Though the author uses scholastic reflections on a study of young people to make his point, he missed the case that Smith et al are really making: adults need to take responsibility for creating contexts for healthy decision-making by young people. More to come for sure!

Digitally Enhanced Worship Song

Can I implore someone to go with me on this and to use this song during a worship service, gathering, or curated space? I’m becoming convinced that until the church takes up the technologies of the age with its narrative, rituals and prayers, our technology will only ever be seen as other than us!

I think you may know the tune…

Open the eyes of my ipad,
Open the eyes of my phone,
I want to see you,
I want to see you.
See you tweeted and retweeted,
Ustreamed live in all of your glory.
App out your power and love,
And we’ll tell facebook your whole story!

Let me know if you use it! I’ve got gifts if you can prove it;)

Last Night’s King Interview with Jennifer Knapp

Not sure if you got to see last night’s interview with Larry King, Jennifer Knapp and Pastor Bob Botsford, but you really should check it out. I am working on piece about it will either post it here (in the next few days) or link to where it gets posted. Stay tuned though. And in the meantime, watch the interview here.

And make sure to check out Knapp’s upcoming album here. My household has already pre-ordered!

In watching the interview I was reminded of how important a conversation this is to keep having. There is a huge diversity of views on this in Christian culture and inevitably, the process of talking about it may be the most important thing to engage in.


New Podcast: Brian McLaren on A New Kind of Christianity

This week we have Brian Mclaren back on for a record breaking 4th interview, which means we have interviewed him more than CNN. Nick does a great job with the interview, especially since I couldn’t be on the line as I was out at Theology after Google’s Claremont Gathering (#tag10). Also, and in case you missed it, here is an article in the LA Times about TAG.

As always here is a great interview with a great intro. This is definitely one of Brian’s ‘great works’, we would recommend picking up a copy. But don’t take our word for it, listen to the interview and here some links:

Nick’s review, Scot McKnights interesting review for Christianity Today

Purchase A New Kind of Christianity here

Purchase The Hopeful Skeptic here

[Download Episode]




MLK Day and My Hopes for Haiti

Here are links to other MLK Days when I have posted.

Today, rather than reflect too much on MLK, or the dreams that remain to be completed for civil rights in America, I’d much rather just share a couple of hopes that I have for the people and situation in Haiti. Honestly, its too tragic not too, and frankly, I believe if he were still alive, its what he would be talking about as well!

1. A Hope for Sustainability: I hope that when the cameras turn off in Haiti, those who find giving time and money now will be inspired to stay the course. I sincerely hope that in the efforts to participate in the rebuilding, the people of the country have the first and last words and that the 384,000+ orphans (before the earthquake) will have what they need for survival!

2. A Hope for Unity: I hope that any looting, rioting, violence and anger will be squelched by the increase of compassionate aid and support. I hope that those who are tasked with enforcing the laws in a time of genuine lawlessness will be safe and not quick to anger. I hope supplies increase and with it unity as well.

3. A Hope for Life: I hope that tonight, those who no longer have the strength to fight for life, will pass peacefully, from darkness into light. I hope that those who remain able to fight for life, will endure and seek the light of morning.

I’m sure everyone has seen these links already, but here are a few ways to give:

Singer Wyclef Jean’s Earthquake fund is donating money and sending volunteers. Visit to donate money or text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 from your cell phone bill.

Doctors Without Borders
Give a one-time online donation to help provide medical care, or enroll in their monthly giving program to provide sustained support for worldwide crises.

With children as their priority, UNICEF is requesting donations to meet the immediate needs of Haitian youth. Contact them at 1-800-4UNICEF or

Red Cross
Text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti to be taken out of your cell phone bill. Proceeds will go to providing food, water, temporary shelter, medical services and emotional support.

On a day to remember an icon of hope, may the hopes we all share endure, grow, and give life to others.


Is it easy being green?

The Center for American Progress has created a space to discuss the simplicity of being green. You can check out all the articles here.

How about you? Do you find choosing to be green important? Necessary? Something that you have to make an extra effort at doing? What are some of your tips or thoughts on seeking to be green for the new year?

Just wondering. I’ll share some of mine soon!