New Podcast: Brian McLaren on A New Kind of Christianity

This week we have Brian Mclaren back on for a record breaking 4th interview, which means we have interviewed him more than CNN. Nick does a great job with the interview, especially since I couldn’t be on the line as I was out at Theology after Google’s Claremont Gathering (#tag10). Also, and in case you missed […]

Is it easy being green?

The Center for American Progress has created a space to discuss the simplicity of being green. You can check out all the articles here. How about you? Do you find choosing to be green important? Necessary? Something that you have to make an extra effort at doing? What are some of your tips or thoughts […]

Sallie McFague: The World as God’s Body

Here is an article I had to do comparing two articles. One by Sallie McFague, the other by Kathryn Tanner. Both articles were written under the title “Is God in charge?” Sallie McFague: God’s Body, Humanity’s Home and Responsibility Sallie McFague’s account of God’s relationship to the world presents a more effective stimulus to ecologically […]

A New Chance in the New Year

In 2009 it is in entirely possible that for one of the first times in modern history, people around the world will be faced with the impossible sustainability of modern consumption. For many people, the shift in the tides of the economy have brought not only genuine financial hardship, but some essential questions about life […]