New Podcast: Brian McLaren on A New Kind of Christianity

This week we have Brian Mclaren back on for a record breaking 4th interview, which means we have interviewed him more than CNN. Nick does a great job with the interview, especially since I couldn’t be on the line as I was out at Theology after Google’s Claremont Gathering (#tag10). Also, and in case you missed […]

Lynn Hopkins: Choosing Sides

Here is another post by guest blogger Lynn Hopkins. Enjoy! The Unitarian Universalist Association has a program about standing up in the struggle for justice, for the inherent worth and dignity of all persons, called “Standing on the Side of Love.” Though I am aligned with its aims, I struggle with the title. Joshua’s recent […]

Philip Clayton vs. Academic Theology: The Postman Revisited

Philip Clayton equals Kevin Costner as epic hero. In recent conversations with Philip (listen to podcast here), and with others (see AAR 2009 or HBC podcast), Clayton has really begun to push against academic “ivory tower” theology as being too disconnected from the kind of theology that is really necessary or capable of meeting the […]

The Maasai Creed: Context or Call?

The other day Alan Hirsch posted this creed on his facebook page. He notes, “that was composed in 1960 by the Maasai people of East Africa in collaboration with missionaries from the Congregation of the Holy Ghost. The creed attempts to express the essentials of the Christian faith within the Maasai culture. Jaroslav Pelikan, one […]

Sallie McFague: The World as God’s Body

Here is an article I had to do comparing two articles. One by Sallie McFague, the other by Kathryn Tanner. Both articles were written under the title “Is God in charge?” Sallie McFague: God’s Body, Humanity’s Home and Responsibility Sallie McFague’s account of God’s relationship to the world presents a more effective stimulus to ecologically […]