The Gospel of Augmented Reality: What Pokemon Go and the Jesus Movement Have in Common

It’s here. No, actually, it’s been here. This month Pokémon released it newest version of gaming-meets-community-meets-adventure. Pokemon Go, the newest, trendiest, most-culturally revolutionary game since…well, since who knows..will forever change the landscape of how technology can mediate digital reality, community and life in the real world. Let me put it this way: if Facebook provided […]

Is it easy being green?

The Center for American Progress has created a space to discuss the simplicity of being green. You can check out all the articles here. How about you? Do you find choosing to be green important? Necessary? Something that you have to make an extra effort at doing? What are some of your tips or thoughts […]

Epiphany in Poetry

Tom Frank writes, “to grasp what makes a place itself, to name its distinctive qualities, is a task for poetics” (141). In this light, I wrote the following poem as a descriptor of my recent internship experience at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany. #317 Leaves of fire, trees of old, The ground is crackling […]

Alabama Football!

So I don’t post many links to my alma mater, but this was a crazy game! I didn’t even get to see it except on this youthtube video as I was away. Wow! JC Tweet Send to Facebook