Christianity in America: When Winning Means Losing

                    Okay, okay, okay, we get it: church attendance is declining in America. Millennials are leaving the church in droves. Boomers find the paradox of their liberal lifestyles and their conservative values in too much tension to live as potential hypocrites. Xers need to do, and […]

Podcast: Nick & I Chat

This was released earlier this week. This week we are basically yackin about. We mention Jennifer Knapp, the Sustainable Faith Conference, and little bits and pieces. We mention that you should follow @beckyrp because she tweeted something nick said during the conference. [Direct Download – ep 149 – Nick and Josh Conversate] peace…. jc Tweet […]

Jennifer Knapp, the Bible and Homosexuality: The Elusive Quest for Biblical Normativity

The other night’s interview between Larry King, Jennifer Knapp, Pastor Bob Bostford and Ted Haggard again demonstrated one key thing: the quest for a universal and Biblically fixed understanding of Christianity in relation to homosexuality has and remains to be elusive. Throughout the course of the two-hour interview, Larry King once again highlighted that in […]