Philip Clayton vs. Academic Theology: The Postman Revisited

Philip Clayton equals Kevin Costner as epic hero. In recent conversations with Philip (listen to podcast here), and with others (see AAR 2009 or HBC podcast), Clayton has really begun to push against academic “ivory tower” theology as being too disconnected from the kind of theology that is really necessary or capable of meeting the […]

Theology After Google: An Event & A Question

On March 10-12 in Claremont, California, there is an event taking place called Theology After Google. I’ll be there. As decribed on the website, “Why ‘theology after Google’?”: “Progressive Christian theologians have some vitally important things to say, things that both the church and society desperately need to hear. The trouble is, we tend to […]

Interesting ‘Avatar’ Article

Here is an interesting piece from the Huffington post on Avatar and Catholicism: “Over at the LA Times, Jonah Goldberg sets about attempting to decode the quasi-religious aspects of James Cameron’s “Avatar“. I’ve not seen the movie yet, but Goldberg reliably informs me that it’s so ever-present that “even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve […]

Newest Podcast is up with Kester Brewin!

I highly recommend you check out the newest podcast with Kester Brewin. It was a great interview and lots of fun to do. We talk about all sorts of things, including when we’ll know for certain if Peter Rollins is a trickster;) Also, as you will hear from this podcast, Kester has also began to […]

The Story of Stuff is Right!!

Since moving to the US Laura and I have had a relatively complicated time trying to make sure we bought good, but not too expensive appliances, cheap but not plastic furniture. With all the wrestling of course comes the questions of sustainable living. That being said, we’re on our 3rd microwave since August which means […]

Apple=Community Part 2

So a few weeks back I posted a video about Apple culture. Well now, even more of what we-who-love Apple suspected is proving true according to Josh Brown. Josh recently posted this blog about Apple culture in which he described the sense of relief with retail-that-works-for-good and a memorial service (of sorts) for one of […]

iphone gets closer….YES!!!

The iphone is getting closer and closer!! England. Germany. YES! I can’t wait…and yes, I’ve been saving since the rumors!! HOP SUISSE! HOP SUISSE!! jc Tweet Send to Facebook