Podcast: Nick & I Chat

This was released earlier this week. This week we are basically yackin about. We mention Jennifer Knapp, the Sustainable Faith Conference, and little bits and pieces. We mention that you should follow @beckyrp because she tweeted something nick said during the conference. [Direct Download – ep 149 – Nick and Josh Conversate] peace…. jc Tweet […]

A Rant of Sorts: Grappling with Religious Belief, Belonging, Exclusion and Community

Recently I’ve been having some pretty fascinating conversations about what it means to belong to community. In fact, just this week I sat in room full of colleagues and debated whether or not someone needed to become a member of a local church in order to be considered a full participant. The whole conversation left […]

Zizek Quote for Weekend Reflection

“We are thus simultaneously less free and more free than we think: we are thoroughly passive determined by and dependant on the past, but we have the freedom to define the scope of this determination, that is, to (over)determine the past which will determine us.” Zizek from In Defense of Lost Causes Tweet Send to […]

Interesting ‘Avatar’ Article

Here is an interesting piece from the Huffington post on Avatar and Catholicism: “Over at the LA Times, Jonah Goldberg sets about attempting to decode the quasi-religious aspects of James Cameron’s “Avatar“. I’ve not seen the movie yet, but Goldberg reliably informs me that it’s so ever-present that “even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve […]

Universalism: Should Christians Say Everyone Will Be Saved?

Recently I was asked to justify using Christian sources to justify or deny the possibility of Universalism. Here is brief summary of some of my thoughts on on the topic using the language and instruments of the Christian tradition. Christians should boldly proclaim that all human beings will ultimately be saved to be in heaven […]