Nick & Josh Podcast

nickandjosh1The Nick and Josh Podcast¬†was an experiment in podcast media that brought¬†conversations with authors, speakers, musicians, church leaders, theologians, artisans, and bloggers to your iPod or computer. It was one of the first podcasts of its kind and reached a listenership of 250,000 subscribers. That’s right, we taught publishers how to do it. Then when everyone got a podcast, we got tired.

In those days, we didn’t boast of anything that we were not, and we enjoyed letting people sit in on our chats.

The podcast was religious in nature, but open to our whims as hosts.

Though the podcast has not been active for a number of years now, please enjoy the depth and breadth of conversations about matters of faith from the earliest days of many of today’s radical thinkers and activist.

Want the Nick and Josh podcast to come back? Let me know!

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